Marlena Kudlicka - velvet mind marble thoughts

Orangery Gallery

Marlena Kudlicka

velvet mind marble thoughts

“Orangery” Gallery

26 October 2019 – 5 January 2020

Curator: Dorota Monkiewicz


Marlena Kudlicka graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in 1998. After a series of scholarships and residencies first of all in New York, she suddenly emerged as a mature and formed artist in an exhibition "Gravity & Disgrace” in CGAC Santiago de Compostela in Spain in 2012Her further artistic career is marked by the titles of her works and exhibitions: the weight of eight, 2013; unprotected zero, 2015; elements of peaceful engagement, 2017; sugar in the ashes, 2017, velvet mind marble thoughts, 2019. The poetic titles find their equivalent in the linear, sculptural installations of steel and glass precisely drawn in space. What particularly aptly captures the essence of the artist’s work is the title of the installation designed for the Orońsko park: velvet mind marble thoughts, which metaphorically represents the process of shaping her ‘hard’ sculptural forms, brought to existence by the ‘soft’, reflexive mental field of blurred contours. Into the semantically imprecise world of art, Kudlicka transfers the signs of such strictly regulated domains as typography, technical drawing, calculation and measurement systems, unleashing their aesthetic and poetic potential. The exhibition at the Orangery gallery will present the works from the artist’s four cycles, made between 2013 and 2017.

Marlena Kudlicka lives and works in Berlin and in Poznan. In 2019 she won the first prize in the competition KUNST AM BAU BTU Cottbus for a project of a sculpture in a public space. She exhibited in numerous museums and galleries. She had solo shows and participated in group exhibitions in Europe, North and Latin America, among others in: MACBA Buenos Aires, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, CGAC Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Zachęta National Gallery of Art., Ludwig Museum in Budapest and others. In 2016 Distanz Publisher House issued a monograph on the artist’s art practise.


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