11th International Ceramic Art Workshop in Orońsko


On 14 August 2019 the 11th International Ceramic Art Workshop  Lab Oro opened at the Centre of Polish Sculpture (CRP) in Orońsko. This year Orońsko hosts five artists from Poland and abroad: Marta Bereza from Ukraine, Valentis Petjko from Latvia and Weronika Surma, Marta Wasilczyk as well as Bogusław Dobrowolski from Poland. The Centre provides them with ceramic clay, glazes, the equipment of ceramic studio and technical assistance. Working with clay requires experience, knowledge about the material, ways of decorating and, finally, the ability to fix it with various kinds of baking. In Orońsko we are going to bake our works in electric and gas ovens. Various kinds of clay are used for creating sculptures which need to be carefully dried and decorated with glazes or metal oxides. As we want to relate with the cyclical festival held in the autumn in Orońsko, the artists will also make some ceramic tiles in the type of azulejos – the tiles produced according to old techniques originating from Portugal.

During the workshop there will be open evening meetings which will enable the artists to exchange reflections about contemporary ceramics and to present their own work. After three weeks of hard work, all the artworks produced during the 11th Lab Oro workshop will be presented in the spaces of  the CRP studios, and the post-workshop exhibition will be opened to the public next year.

The workshop organizer: Bogusław Dobrowolski

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