Passage of Art


Passage of Art

PKP Railway station in Sopot and vicinity

19 June – 30 September 2019

Participants: Paweł Dudko, Adam Garnek, Joanna Krzysztoń and Grzegorz Rogala, Jarosław Perszko

Curator: Eulalia Domanowska

Collaboration: Jarosław Pajek

Passage of Art in Sopot is an exhibition organized by the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko and the Gdańsk Community Foundation. Five artists present their works at the PKP railway station  and the station’s vicinity in Sopot.

Jarosław Perszko’s red neon The Sopot’s Sun, mounted directly on the building wall is a minimalist, iconic sign of the city. The remaining projects invite viewers to interaction.

Adam Garnek’s Screen encourages viewers to touch its metal sheets and produce a sound, and to revive the flickering image of shimmering pixels. We have got used to the fact that we are surrounded by various types of equipment: loudspeakers, cameras, screen, however this time instead of watching an electronic image, we can play with its surface. For years, the artist has created utopian objects: strange bicycles, drawing machines, mobile turbines, evoking associations with Leonardo da Vinci’s projects and dreams about overcoming barriers.

Paweł Dudko’s light installation consists of huge bulbs produced using the modern technique of 3D printing, which the artist humourously hangs on tree branches. The Fruits of Illumination respond to the presence of passers-by. They go on or off, creating a romantic, buts also useful accent in the public space.

The visitors peeping into a metal tube made by Joanna Krzysztoń and Grzegorz Rogala are in for a surprising experience. They can see in it the image of the other side of our globe – the Pacific, maybe a desert island with exotic plants, a young surfer. It can make you giddy, it is as if we had the ability to see through our Earth . The artists give us the possibility to  fulfill our desire to travel to exotic countries, to the other end of the world, without a need to move. He duo, collaborating  for over a dozen years, create  multimedia, often interactive installations referring to the issues of contemporary culture, they break the widely-held schemata of our thinking and seeing, at the same time allowing us to participate or even have fun.

The Gdansk Community Foundation and the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko have rich experience in creating projects in the public space. In recent years the Foundation has placed sculptures and artworks in the Reagan Park in Gdansk. The Centre of Sculpture has presented the project 5 Tonnes of Sculpture  in various places: at the Millenáris Park in Budapest, in the gardens of University Library in Warsaw and the Sculpture Park in Orońsko. We have always remembered about the rule  that projects in the public space should not only decorate a place but establish a dialogue with the site and the public.

Eulalia Domanowska

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