Here or There? Contemporary Polish illustration for children

Museum of Contemporary Sculpture

Here or There?

Contemporary Polish illustration for children

Museum of Contemporary Sculpture

12 January – 1 March 2019

Artists: Edgar Bąk, Maciek Blaźniak, Katarzyna Bogucka, Iwona Chmielewska, Agata Dudek, Emilia Dziubak, Małgorzata Gurowska, Monika Hanulak, Marta Ignerska, Agata Królak, Patryk Mogilnicki, Anna Niemierko, Ola Płocińska, Dawid Ryski

Interactive project dedicated to young viewers which is supposed to convince the largest possible group of people to read. It presents the book as a beautiful and intriguing object of visual culture. The exhibition is accompanied by an attractive educational programme of lessons, lectures and meetings with talented Polish illustrators and graphic designers. The participants of the workshops will find out what illustration is, how it is created and what is its role in the concept of a picture book. The young viewers will have a chance to test themselves as illustrators and record their new skills in a creative notebook with tasks.

Curator: Ewa Solarz

CRP coordinators: Anna Podsiadły, Henryk Gac

Exhibition design: Lech Rowiński, Marta Rowińska / Beton

Here or There? Tour with the curator and workshops for children

For over a decade Polish illustration has been blossoming. It can be particularly observed in the children’s books market. Many talented artists, diversity of their works and inventiveness supported by the publishers’ courage cause that Polish readers have a choice of an increasing number of unique books.

We know that reading for children is absolutely vital. But are we aware that the picture accompanying texts has an equally great power? An illustrator, graphic designer of the book is an artist equal to the text author.

The exhibition presents the works of 14 illustrators and graphic designers. Among them are those already recognized in Poland and in the world, winners of Polish and international awards. There are also those whose potential we have noticed and we are counting on their  further development. Each of them treats a child as a partner, as a sensitive reader of their visual language. Each tells his tale through the images. Thanks to them books are made which are the children’s first contact with art.

The exhibition aims to engage the youngest viewers, spark their creativity so that they can feel like artists themselves. The children will learn what illustration is, they will have a chance  to test their skills as illustrators. They will enter the world of books in which illustration becomes an interactive scenography. Part of the exhibition is a huge reading room where we are eyeball to eyeball with illustrators and their works. The children visiting the exhibition will be able to use a creative activity book thanks to which they will consolidate their knowledge about illustration and will  discover the hidden secrets of the exhibition.

The exhibition is accompanied by a rich programme of workshops directed both at children and adults. In them we present the concept of the picture book and its great educational potential.

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