Maria Koras LA VIE EN ROSE

Chapel Gallery

Maria Koras


“Chapel” Gallery, 16th January – 28th February 2016

Curator: Leszek Golec


… Starting the project La Vie en Rose, I was absorbed by the following questions: what does it mean to be yourself, why do we feel inexplicable longing for something that has never been; also by thoughts about the subjectivity of the notion of time as well as deliberations on the meaning of freedom for an individual person confronted with contemporary world…

… For me La Vie en Rose also means settling accounts with longing for beauty and finesse of small things in my environment, longing which I miss in the dynamically developing present days.

… I associate this project with a childish ritual of burying, or hiding small treasures and keepsakes. In this case the gallery plays the role of a mausoleum of abandoned treasures or rather idle dreams which you have to part with so that you can go forward…

Maria Koras, fragments of notes

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