Ewa Wesołowska O=O

Chapel Gallery

Ewa Wesołowska

„O = O”

Chapel Gallery, 14 February – 3 April 2015

Curator: Jarosław Pajek


The “O = O” presentation is an interactive installation built from light and sound which refers to the theme of memory and perception. The work consists of flickering objects activated by motion detectors and very quiet music of a children’s music-box. The duality of the flickering light – symbolizing a slow fading-away, or something ending – and children’s music-box, which is a reminiscence of memories, creates a relation between the beginning and the end. The work is an attempt at capturing of what is between. It makes us realize that stopping this ‘between’ is impossible. It tells not really about the will, but about the impossibility of stopping our presence. It also refers to memory and perception of what has been and ‘has come into being’. In “O = O”, the objects, music, viewer and place exist as a whole – what is crucial is the dialogue between the work, space and the visitor, and their mutual relationship. Thanks to this the viewer becomes part of the artwork.

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