International Platform of Academic Cooperation 2019 VILNIUS – GDANSK


International Platform of Academic Cooperation 2019


Workshop: 27 March 2019 – 2 April 2019

Exhibition in the CRP park: 5 April 2019 – 5 May 2019

Coordinators: Anna Podsiadły, Urszula Kaszewska


Since 2015 the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko (CRP) has been organizing an interdisciplinary, international project titled International Platform of Academic Cooperation (MPWA) which constitutes a significant point in the European dialogue between artistic universities. Its aim entails exchanging artistic and educational ideas as well as integration of Polish and foreign academic circles. So far the project has been joined by Polish artistic academies: Academies of Fine Art from Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wrocław and Lodz, University of the Arts from Poznan, Faculty of Fine Arts Nicolas Copernicus University and foreign schools: University of Ostrava, The Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest and Art Academy of Latvia.

This year’s spring edition, realized together with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw, was attended by the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Vilnius Academy of Arts. The theoretical platform of the workshop was defined by the leaders from both schools: Dr Tomasz Sobisz and Prof. Szczypka from Gdansk as well Prof. Mindaugas Šnipas and Vytenis Burokas from Vilnius. Within the programme the students and graduates made works addressing the issue of cultural memory and national heritage Bio semantic memory space. Apart from the strictly practical activities, there were also lectures which enriched  the meeting with a reflection from other areas of knowledge. Kotryna Žukauskaitė from Vilnius gave a talk titled The Museum Effect. Evolution of Effect Index in Western Art Museums in which she outlined issues from the scope of museum studies. Dr Kazimierz Ożóg, professor of the Opole University, who studies the problems of memory and iconography, in his talk The Space of Memorysome case studies from contemporary Europe, discussed sites ‘retaining’ memory. The lectures of invited guests and the talks of mentors as well as statements prepared by the participants will provide the basis of a publication which will also  include photographic documentation of the works created during their stay in Orońsko.

During the workshop the participants visited the current exhibitions at the CRP and at the Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Elektrownia’ in Radom. Before the beginning of the workshop the Vilnius group visited museums and galleries in Warsaw, Królikarnia, POLIN Museum, National Gallery of Art Zachęta, Museum of Contemporary Art and others, as well as the Art Museum in Lodz.

Each meeting of the MPWA series ends with a post-workshop exhibition presented in the Orońsko sculpture park. On the last day of the workshop, a vernissage was held when each produced work was presented and discussed. The exhibition is available free of charge to all visitors till 5 May 2019.

Academy of Art in Vilnius

Mindaugas Šnipas - mentor

Vytenis Burokas mentor

Barbora Matonytė

Ūla Šukytė

Marta Frėjutė

Matas Janušonis

Liudvikas Kesminas

Tauras Kensminas

Oskaras Dainovskis

Lukas Strolia

Pavel Voitechovič

Vytautas Viržbickas


Akademy of Fine Arts in Gdansku

Tomasz Sobisz – mentor

Jan Szczypka – mentor

Bujnicka Agata

Klaudia Nachumeniuk

Gilbert Sierotzki

Aleksandra Jagła

Natalia Gwiazdowska

Klaudia Kanio

Justyna Aksinowicz

Marta Długołęcka

Aleksandra Józefów

Katarzyna Podpora

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