LAB ORO 2019 – recruitment results


The 11th International Ceramic Art Workshop LAB ORO will take place from August  18th to September 8th 2019 at the studios of Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. By organizer’s decision the following artist will take part in in:


  1. Bogusław Dobrowolski – commissioner
  2. Tamara Bereza
  3. Valentins Petjko
  4. Weronika Surma
  5. Marta Wasilczyk


Thank you to all artists who applied.



The Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko invites professional artists working with ceramic materials to participate in the 11th International Ceramic Art Workshop LAB ORO which will take place from 18 August to 8 September 2019.

This year, during the workshop we will be able to admire the work of the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, whose objects will be presented in all the galleries of the Centre of Polish Sculpture. Referring to the artist’s work and to Portuguese culture, we would like motifs characteristic for Portugal, such as azulejos, to appear in your works produced during the LAB ORO.

The finale of the workshop is the ‘Unexpected Beginning of Autumn’, an event organized annually at the CRP; this year its key theme is Portuguese culture. It will make a great opportunity to present the effects of the workshop to the general public participating in the festival.

The artists to take part in the workshop will selected by the organizer on the basis of applications submitted by 15 April, sent to the email address of Bogusław Dobrowolski, the workshop curator -


Application card

Rules and Regulations

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