Sylwia Jakubowska HOUSE / SHELTER

Chapel Gallery


Sylwia Jakubowska

Vernissage: 20 January 2018 at …..

The exhibition open till 25 March 2018

Chapel Gallery

Curator: Anna Podsiadły


House – shelter

Information has become a commodity, and man (consumer) often an object of manipulation and persuasion. The majority of sent messages are sensational photos and negatively tinged information. Every day we learn about some armed conflicts, coups, crimes, another crises. The message accompanying many drastic images is reduced to a minimum, and a simplified language does not require any intellectual effort of the receiver. Daily inundation with such kinds of news, conveyed in an indifferent way dulls our sensitivity and makes us indifferent to tragedy; the only thing that remains is  fear of … indefinite future.

Home – shelter is an installation whose form reproduces the smallest of the rooms from my flat. It was made of daily papers, stacked one on another, thus creating walls. The contents is illegible. Without windows, there is only the door. In this House….. negative news no longer scares you. Newspapers, carriers of horror, paradoxically have become guardians of our security zone. They have become the construction material for a safe haven, a shelter. Destructive information becomes sort of tamed, and the pejorative character turns into positive one. But although the House – shelter in its structure hides everything that terrifies us and what we are afraid of, we do not feel too comfortable; unfortunately, the unsettling silence inside betrays the appearance of security.

Sylwia Jakubowska

The exhibition at the Chapel Gallery will consist of three objects: the monumental House- Shelter built of newspapers, arranged in the central space of the gallery and two small –size forms: a synthetic mass of a house and a model of the artist’s flat ( bird’s eye view, covered with a sheet of Plexiglas).

Sylwia Jakubowska (b. 1974) for many years has lived and worked in Gdansk. From 1995 to 1996 she studied at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, at the Institute of Art Education, from 1996 to 2001 at the Faculty of Sculpture ASP in Gdansk; she made her diploma in Prof. Stanisław Radwański’s studio in 2001. In 2010 she defended her doctorate: The Need for a Master. She works as an assistant professor in Prof. Katarzyna Józefowicz’s Studio of Sculpture. Since 2001 she has taken part in many group exhibitions and some individual shows. She practices sculpture, installation, textile art and drawing.

In her work Sylwia Jakubowska ‘roams’ over a vast area of interpersonal communication. Among others she is interested in the questions of forming identity, including the basis of cultural contents, gathering experiences, obstacles in communication, social isolation. The starting point for her deliberations of universal character is her personal perspective. The source of inspiration from which she draws ‘the matter’ is the props-room of casual reality: worn out, broken waste, cloths, textiles, newspapers and various objects.


2001 – Everything is Textile, Galeria Aula, ASP, Warsaw; 2002 – Young Sculpture of Gdansk, Galeria ZAR, Gdansk; Exhibition of Painting, Drawing, Graphics and Sculpture 2002, Gdansk; 2003 – Sculpture, [solo exhibition], Galeria TAK, Gdansk; Rondo, [solo exhibition], Galeria Oficyna, Gdansk; Energy of Water, post-workshop exhibition, Gdynia; Naturally Nature, Galeria na Piwnej, Gdansk; II All-Poland Biennale of Painting and Unique Textile, Gdansk; Encounters, Galeria Miejska, Wroclaw; II International Competition of Drawing, Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw; 5 Years of Oficyna, Galeria Oficyna Gdansk; 2004 - II International Competition of Drawing, Wroclaw 2003, post-competition exhibition, BWA Kielce, GSW Sandomierz, Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Częstochowa; 2005 – Nothing, Galeria Aneri, Gdansk; 1945 – 2005 Tradition and Contemporaneity, Pałac Opatów, Gdansk; Exhibition of Graphic Art. – Studio of Screen Printing 1997 – 2005, Muzeum Miasta Gdyni; 2006 - III International Competition of Drawing,, Museum Architecture Wroclaw; 2007 – Faces of Sculpture, Tczew; III International Competition of Drawing, [post-competition exhibition], Wrocław, Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Łódź, Neapoli Gallery, Thessaloniki (Greece), Galeria Studio, Warsaw; 2008 - IV Biennale of Painting and Unique Textile, Muzeum Miasta Gdyni; 2008 – Two Dimensions of Sculpture, Galeria Miejska, Wrocław; Tete a tete, [solo exhibition], NCK Gdansk; 2009 – Ecstasy of Women’s Art, Galeria na Jesionowej, Gdansk; 2009 – Ekstatik in weiblicher Kunst, Galerie Sandhofer Innsbruck; 2010 11 All-Poland Exhibition of Unique Textile Łódź; Coexistence, [solo exhibition], Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, Torun; The Need for a Master, [solo exhibition], Galeria Refektarz, Kartuzy; 2012 – Grand Prix 8.inSPIRACJI. apocalypse, Galeria 13Muz, Szczecin; 2012/2013 On Space, NCK Gdansk; 2013 - 10 All-Poland Exhibition of Textile Miniature, Łódź; International Baltic Triennial of Textile Miniature; Correlations, Galeria ASP, Gdansk [group exhibition]; 2014 – Without Correction, Centrum Sztuki Galeria El, Elblag; 10 inSPIRACJE extreme, Szczecin; Group Portrait, [solo exhibition], Fabryka Sztuk, Tczew; 2014 – LSC Unlimited Space, Wozownia, Torun; Gdansk Biennale of Art, Gdansk; 2015 – Marginal Aspects, Fabryka Sztuk, Tczew; Without Correction, ASP, Gdansk; Imago MundiLuciano Benetton Collection – participation in the project on the invitation of Liliana Malta, Italian artist

Awards, distinctions:

2002 – Young Sculpture of Gdansk, Galeria ZAR, Gdansk (II award); 2002 – Exhibition of Painting, Drawing, Graphics and Sculpture 2002, Gdansk (distinction); 2005 – competition for a medal on the 25th anniversary of Solidarność (distinction); 2012 – Grand Prix 8.inSPIRACJI. apocalypse, Galeria 13Muz, Szczecin (distinction)

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