Marek Janiak TWO RIVERS

Contemporary Sculpture Garden

Marek Janiak



Project in the park of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko

inauguration 18 November 2017 at 2.30 pm

curator: Leszek Golec


A situation of walking along a park path across a stream requires starting deliberations about separating and connecting, that is about the two sides of the same thing. The path crosses the river, but at the same time it is a connection. It is as if it made two rivers out of one. In fact, all rivers are one river. They flow, two rivers flow while at the same time they stand still and are one river.

Everything flows and everything gets connected, but then everything is also separated. Actually, the very fact of connecting is proof that it has been separated. Each connection is also a memory of previous separateness. And it always leaves a question: can a connection ever exist in a full and real way and isn’t it only a failed attempt to make a new unity? If we see a situation from the outside, we will never know if separations still remain themselves or do they already make a unity. Or has the unity become two separate beings. That mystery is part of walking the park path across the park stream in Orońsko.

We will never know what it is truly like. But why do we need to find it out at all? Let’s leave it a secret. Let’s give reality the right to be veiled. Let’s not be aggressive. Let it remain unresolved. We don’t have to annex everything. Leaving a mystery means respect for somebody’s separateness. Or even dissimilarity. It is a permission to be independent from us, non-subordinated. So hard for the evil side of humanity.

Marek Janiak

October 2017

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