Sculpture Today (2): Art in the Public Space


Sculpture Today (2): Art in the Public Space

International conference and platform for discussion

Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko

20-21 October 2017


Honorary Patronage over the conference is held by The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Poland



In October 2017, the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko would like to invite you to the second international conference from the series Sculpture Today. The first edition (October 2016) sparked a heated and interesting debate which has prompted us to continue the reflections on the condition of sculpture today and to launch in Orońsko a series of seminars, which – we hope – will be continued  in the years to come.

The leading theme of this year’s conference is art in the public space: history, definitions and status of this phenomenon. During the seminar at the CRP, you will be able to see the exhibition and works and designs of Thorsten Goldberg - an outstanding German artist, one of the best known creators of art in public spaces.

To contribute to our discussion we have invited historians and theoreticians of art, artists as well as people from selected European cities responsible for the profile of art in the public space.

This time we are posing the following questions:

  • How do we define art in public spaces?
  • What is the history of art in public spaces?
  • What is the difference between art in public spaces and public art?
  • From an ethical perspective, what is the responsibility of artists and other users of public space?
  • What is the history of interesting / controversial / most (un)known examples of works of art in public spaces?
  • How do selected European cities (inter alia Berlin, Brussels, Gdansk, Oslo, Poznan, Warsaw, Vienna) organize competitions concerned with art in public space? Who are the members of the jury in those competitions? What artists are invited to participate in the competitions and why?
  • What are the strategies of particular cites? How are the strategies different from each other? What do they have in common?
  • Who finances art in public spaces and how does it affect its character?
  • What are the programmes connected with the creation of art in public spaces in particular cities?
  • What model of art in public spaces would be most adequate for Polish cities? What can we learn from Berlin, Munich or Vienna in this matter?

We cordially invite you join the discussion. After the conference, the second volume  will be published of our reviewed, bilingual series Sculpture Today, initiated in 2016.

Conference curators:

Eulalia Domanowska

Marta Smolińska


Partner of the event is the Association of Authors ZAiKS



Conference programme – agenda

Conference programme


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