Artur Rozen Unorganized Matter

Chapel Gallery

Artur Rozen

Unorganized Matter


Preview of the exhibition on Saturday, 30 September 2017, at 2 pm

The exhibition is on view till 7 January 2018

Chapel Gallery

Curator: Leszek Golec


Cosmic space seems to be free from economy and its mediating materiality produced by humans. The human factor determines it and imposes a way of thinking about it, often in an absurd and unpredictable way. Wherever we find ourselves, we leave suspicious traces of our presence. Anthropocentrism, which we are very hard trying to discard, in order to transcend our supremacy is encoded in the material products on which we rely on a daily basis.

Regardless of the place where we are, humans are the carriers and creators of this material and the encountered remains and leftovers are a meeting with ourselves, only in a different form.


The endeavour to explore cosmos does not feature in the area of contemporary intellectual reflection, which could help to outline the global cosmovision.

Instead we have plans of exploitation policy where the new order is to be created  inter alia by mining companies. The work Global Logo refers with its form to the insignia of space missions. The Latin phrases seem to be a warning against the plan to build a new reality.

After ending the space programme Apollo in 1972, on the space of the Moon, 96 sacks were left with human secretions and they are still orbiting our planet. According to a theory of a Swedish Nobel prize winner, chemist Svante Arrhenius and his hypothesis of Panspermia, the life on Earth was planted by a microbiological waste from a cosmic rubbish tip. Such a method of spreading life – although taking a long time and not really romantic– in a longer perspective, seems to be a gate to eternity. The object from sewage pipes titled Sanitary Facility seems to be an overloaded canal pumping the produce of civilization metabolism. The digested ideas, concepts and technologies will find their outlet in the place to which a future pipeline will be directed.

It is on the vision of the future that the Russian aliens – a philosophical movement oriented towards the study of the widely-understood relation between man-technology-world – were zealously working on. Its basic aim was the achievement of immortality in the process of evolution into a super-human who will take control over the cathedral of the universe. The animation titled Super Star Constellation analyzes the process of creating a man of the future. The raw record in the motion capture technique, used in the industry of computer games and films to capture the actor’s movement, has become an incomplete image of pop-culture, in a significant way creating the vision of the future. The form resembles a moving constellation, which meanders without a definite aim in search of its identity. Undoubtedly, immortality conceived from pop-culture refuse would be quite a disappointment for aliens, however it seems that for the present moment we are not able to suggest anything else. Despite this fact, the play of seriousness and joke, the belief in science and awareness of its limitations make the vision of humans leaving their habitat seem so interesting.


Artur Rozen.

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