Robert Kaja WHO’S THERE

Chapel Gallery

Robert Kaja


Chapel Gallery

exhibition open till 3 May 2017

curator: Leszek Golec


Who’s There is an exhibition in a special place. The chapel in the park of the Centre of Polish Sculpture on Orońsko in a natural way impacts on the reception of each exhibition presented here. Due to the character of the place it often hosts commemorative exhibitions of the late sculptors. That is why, for me the aspect of vanitas is inevitable and necessary in this space. The presented sculptural objects refer to the symbols which are supposed to define the relation between the material world and the world beyond matter, pre-material one. The exhibition is organized on the basis of three vital elements: geometry of three elements (construction built of rollers - wooden, transparent and stone ones), the form of sacrifice (wooden box and bread), the figure of passage (stone stele with a round mirror) and an element unifying others, in the form of a table runner – rug (textile of glass fibre). I am leaving the remaining semantic connotations resulting from mutual relationships (also from the used materials) to the intuition and sensitivity of the viewer, being convinced that an element of a puzzle or mystery is an integral part of this exhibition.

Robert Kaja



Robert Kaja (b. 1965) is a sculptor, graduate of Prof. F. Duszeńko’s studio at the Faculty of Sculpture in the State High School of Plastic Arts in Gdańsk (1993). He works as assistant professor at the Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. He conducts the studio of Design and Organization of Space which runs classes based on the issues of meeting between sculpture and the surroundings – public space. The topics of tasks are directed at making the students familiar with the necessary knowledge and skills in the scope of building a sculptural form, spatial forms, shaping the environment, observation and analysis in the perspective of spatial relationships of the existing situation, constructing ideas and formal problems on the basis of the cultural, historical and social contexts of a selected place.

The artist took part in many exhibitions, inter alia: Electric Fence, BWA Gallery, Sopot, 1993; K 18, Kassel, Germany, 1993; Ideas beyond Ideology, Centre of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, 1993; Ikonopress, Ducal Castle, Szczecin, 1994; Status Quo, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, and National Museum, Warsaw, 1996; Generation, BWA Gallery, Katowice, 1996; About Us Today. The art of Two Times, National Museum, Abbots’ Palace, Gdańsk, 1999; Between Nature and Culture, BWA Gallery, Bielsko Biała, 2002; The Art of the Third Polish Republic, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, 2003; Memory and Participation, National Museum, Abbots’ Palace, Gdańsk, 2005; Like a Rolling Stone, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, 2009.

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