Centre of Polish Sculpture

The inner structure of the Centre of Polish Sculpture is based on the duality of its functions. Two sectors of equal weighting co-operate with each other: the technical and the artistic one. Their efficient collaboration is ensured by the administrative sector. The direction is in charge of the whole, being helped by the human resources and accountancy departments. The administration offices occupy the western part of Józef Brandt’s Palace and the old annexe.

The Internal Security Services are also subordinated to the direction; they reside in the guard lodge at the entrance to the institution.

The Centre for Sculptors’ Creative Work and the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture take a central place in the organization scheme. The main tasks of the Centre rely on providing service to sculptors who realize their works in Orońsko. The Centre runs also the Sculptor’s House, deals with current overhauls, with the landscaping of the 13 hectares of green area, it provides transport and services for the technological base. The Centre management are housed in the building of the old coach house.

The Museum of Contemporary Sculpture is in charge of the artistic dimension of our activity. Within the museum there are a number of specialist departments. Its fundamental mission is the organization of sculpture exhibitions, building and documenting our collection of contemporary sculpture as well as supervision over the permanent historical exhibition at Józef Brandt’s palace. The Conservation Workshop deals with the maintenance of all objects. The Education and Promotion Workshop conducts popularizing programmes. The promotional tasks include contacts with the media, the promotion of the institution, updating the website or organization of events.

The Documentation Department amasses all information on sculpting art. It runs a library, photography and video workshops. The Publishing Department prepares publications promoting sculpting art. The management of the Centre resides on the first floor of the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture.

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