Casting workshop

Ceramic workshop

Ceramic workshop offers the following services:

  • Modeling and firing ceramic forms
  • Producing ceramic projects on commission
  • Assisting artists during the realization of their ceramic sculptures


Casting workshop

Casting workshop offers the following services:

  • Lost-wax casting of sculptures in bronze
  • Processing and adding patinas (distressing) to the bronze casts
  • Casting sculptures from a given model
  • Making silicon forms


Metal processing workshop

Metal processing workshop offers the following services:

  • Making steel constructions
  • Producing basic hand-made sculpting tools
  • Producing metal bases for sculptures (frame and full constructions)
  • Producing metal sculpting tables
  • Artistic metalwork
  • Providing turning, milling, welding and locksmithing services


Woodwork workshop

Woodwork workshop offers the following services:

  • Making wooden constructions
  • Producing transport boxes
  • Producing bases for sculptures (full and frame constructions)
  • Producing frames, stretchers and wooden sculpting tables
  • Making elements for exhibiting sculptures: screens, panels, podiums


All specialist workshops offer their services to sculptors and for external commissions.


If you have any questions or orders, please contact

Ośrodek Pracy Twórczej Rzeźbiarzy / Centre for Sculptors’ Creative Work

Tel.: + 48 48 618 45 16 ext. 72


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