Open Triennal, 8th Young Triennale in Orońsko

Museum of Contemporary Sculpture

Open Triennal, 8th Young Triennale in Orońsko

25–30.09.2017 Symposium

1.10.2017–7.01.2018 Exhibition

Museum of Contemporary Sculpture


Curators: Aurelia Nowak, Romuald Demidenko, Tomek Pawłowski


Participants: i.a. Agnieszka Różyńska, Alicja Wysocka, Bianca Bondi, Ewa Tatar, Gregor Różański, Horacy Muszyński, Joanna Rzepka-Dziedzic, Justina Los, Karol Komorowski, Karolina Plinta, Kuba Szreder, Liliana Piskorska, Martyna Czech, Mikołaj Sobczak, Monika Drożyńska, Nomadic State, Norbert Delman, Pracownia Portretu, Przemek Branas, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Sylwester Gałuszka, Tobiasz Jędrak, Wykwit, Zofia Krawiec, Zuza Golińska

Since its beginning the Young Triennale in Orońsko has focused on the presentation of the most interesting tendencies in the art of the youngest generation. According to this intention it was supposed to stand out from other events of this type with its open formula. Over the last years the methods of choosing artists have been changing, yet to a large extent they were based on selecting the most interesting artists and the presentation of their work by experienced curators and critics. However, their external perspective sometimes leads to using secondary criteria to describe the practices and their ‘diagnoses’ do not take into account a wider context of the functioning and interests of the debuting artists.

The Open Triennale refers to the formula of a review, developed from the beginning. In order to give it a contemporary dimension we suggest shifting the stress of the main programme onto what is usually described as accompanying events, in order to address the problem of activities generally happening on the margins or outside the main field of art.

During the preparations, in the autumn 2016 we visited among others Gdańsk, Toruń, Łódź, Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Wrocław, Poznan and Szczecin. Our journeys were also accompanied by an open call extending the possibilities of reaching the greatest number of potential participants in the Open Triennale. What was crucial for us was visiting not only academies and institutions but also an encounter with independent, bottom-up collectives which not always become part of the standard models of functioning in the art world.

Our study visits assumed the form of informal meetings an were for us an attempt to identify how artists themselves define their own position, their limitations and expectations towards the distribution of prestige, which we – curators have at our disposal. We noted down that ‘satisfaction’ protects you from ‘resignation’, and what awaits some artists after their graduation is a ‘quarantine’ or ‘diversification of activities’. Our encounters also brought to light the not fully optimistic image of expectations incompatible with reality, the oppression of the systems of education and production.

The participants of the event we are proposing, represent various points of view, methodologies of artistic work and circles. Their common experiences will make a wide perspective thanks to which the problems, hard to pinpoint in the centralized circulation of art, will become visible. As a result of the collective and active work-exchange between the participants and the experiment, we are going to look for alternative forms of organization in the field of art.

Organiser: Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko

Partners: Magazyn Szum, Notes Na 6 Tygodni, Biuro,

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