Nursery schools

During educational activities we combine artistic workshops with elements of theory. The nature in the park, the permanent exhibition at the Brandt’s Palace and current exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture provide opportunities to conduct  programmes of integrated, cross-curricular teaching of Polish, Art, Nature and Biology during consecutive stages of education. The participants of our workshops willingly make use of the variety of classes and become regular visitors to the Centre of Polish Sculpture, and as a result they also turn out to become recipients of the local cultural offer. Depending on the season and organization of the school year, we are trying to provide such attractions as field games, outdoor film shows, bonfires and educational events. We have great experience in organizing winter and summer play centres as well as longer stays and artistic plein-air workshops. We would like to invite you to cooperate with the Centre of Sculpture, we are open to the proposals from nursery schools, schools and other educational institutions.


Palace full of secrets

We start our walk in a place full of mysterious objects, magnificent rooms and interesting history and no detail can escape our attention. Ingenuity and perceptiveness of the explorers of the palace mysteries will be necessary for carrying out further tasks and solving puzzles.

Methods: individual experiments and experiences, observation and shows, presenting works of art, conversations, puzzles, explanations and instructions, consolidation of knowledge, work with didactic aids.

Time: 60 mins

Price: 6 PLN / participant


Hug a sculpture

Stone, wood, plaster, metal…. Does a sculpture always have to be hard? Contemporary history of art proves that intriguing spatial forms may be produced from very soft fabrics, plush or foam. Participants of the classes will be able to create their own artistic objects…

  • Walk and introduction to the Centre of Polish Sculpture, learning about creating sculptures in contemporary times, workshop: producing a cuddly toy-sculpture

Methods: observation and show, active listening, individual experience and managing child’s own activity, popularizing art, manual work.

Time: 60 mins

Price: 10 PLN / participant


Playing with watercolours

Józef Brandt painted various scenes, all of which absolutely life-like… Moving with the times, young artists will try to create abstract works. Painterly experiments will include learning about mixing colours and about what is art and how it keeps changing.

Methods: active listening (learning about history), conversation, popularizing artworks, workshop: experience and observation, experiments, manual work

Time: 60 mins

Price: 6 PLN / participant


Raiders of forest treasures

Orońsko park is an inspiration for painters and sculptors. Walking in the open air, you can come across extraordinary artistic materials. Natural treasures, found during a walk, will be used for creating children’s own works – souvenirs from the natural expeditions.

Methods: observation and presentation, active listening, sensory exercises, puzzles, individual experiencing the world of nature and managing children’s own activity, work with didactic aids, manual work.

Time: 70 mins

Price: 6 PLN / participant


Orońsko field game

Depending on the season we organize educational field games during which the participants get to know the area of Orońsko park. The scripts of the games include natural, historical and artistic threads. Such a formula of educational classes allows for the implementation of interdisciplinary and cross-curricular activities.

The field game is a run in small groups with assistants; the aim is to decipher a password and carry out several tasks while covering the distance. The children receive maps and sets of tools to carry out the instructions written on their worksheets.

Time: 40 - 60 mins

Price: 10 PLN / participant


Workshops for temporary exhibitions

You can find something for yourself in every exhibition. All you need is to learn careful observation. But ‘learning to look’ is not everything. During the class, its key part is a workshop in various painting and sculptural techniques. The course of lessons and propositions of artistic activities depend on the theme and works presented in current exhibitions. And the Orońsko galleries keep showing something new!

The classes are adapted to the age of participants.

Methods: popularizing art, active listening, observation and experiencing, consolidating theory through workshop practice, manual work in various techniques.

Time: 60 -90 mins

Price: 6 PLN / participant

The topics of classes related to current exhibitions to be found at CRP website, under the bookmark Education.

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