For adults

Art courses for amateurs

Specially for adult lovers of artistic work, we are offering several-day-long practical courses supervised by professional artists.

We will organize a course for a group of minimum 5 persons. Prior booking and an advance payment of 20% of the course rate is required.

The dates of the courses  may be changed. You can obtain detailed information from the Education Department. Call 48 618 40 27 ext.19 or 18, or mail:


Ceramic course

We are cordially inviting adult lovers of ceramics to take part in courses developing their skills. Participants, both those who have not created any sculpture yet and  experienced ones, will be able to use the assistance of specialists.

Topic of the meeting: Ceramics – art or craft


The classes will have a theoretical and practical character. During the course the participants  will get to know successive stages of creating unique forms of sculptural  and functional art. Mastering the basic principles of ceramics, they move from the concept and design, through giving a form until baking and glazing. The classes hone manual skills: moulding and sculpting, as well as develop the spatial awareness and imagination. Professional sculpting studio which is the venue of the classes has been equipped with ceramic kilns and appropriate tools for working with clay.


Urszula Kaszewska – ceramics artist, educator at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, graduate of the Red Deer College of Art; pedagogic courses qualifying for conducting courses and classes with all age groups; long-standing member of the the Potters’ Association in Edmonton, Canada.


350 PLN – course price (+ the price of potential baking of the produced works)

95 PLN – accommodation at the Sculptor’s House with full board

45 PLN – accommodation at the Sculptor’s House

Minimum  participation – 5 persons.


Sculpture Course 

The classes have a practical character. During the course the participants get to know the stages of creating sculptural spatial forms, as well as diverse sculptural techniques such as casting or plasterwork. Classes develop manual skills: modeling and sculpting, as well as enhance spatial awareness and imagination. The lessons will address themes depending on the technique selected by participants, and their common feature is drawing attention to the significant role of each stage of producing sculpture – from a sketch and metal construction to a plaster cast.

The duration of the course and price are arranged individually.


350 PLN – course price approximate price of a 3-day course)

95 PLN – accommodation at the Sculptor’s House with full board per day

45 PLN – accommodation at the Sculptor’s House


Weekend in Orońsko

 ‘It is not possible to get to know a place fully, in a single, random discovery. It requires time and simple human inquisitiveness, or immersion in the complicated relations between culture, art and nature’.*

To let you thoroughly explore our institution, take our invitation to spend several days here.

Key information:

  • At weekends, all galleries are open from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Each Sunday, at 13:30 Family Workshops are held (link), for both children and adults.
  • You may do a sightseeing tour with a guide (guides are not always available at weekends, so please call and book a visit).
  • All year round, sculptors from all over the world come to work in Orońsko and you can watch them create works of art (of course, if they don’t mind…)
  • Every month, on the first Sunday at 12:00 there are hour-long guided tours included in the price of the ticket.
  • Directly behind the Sculptor’s House there is a roofed shelter for a bonfire and a barbecue.
  • Orońsko is a good base to explore the region of Szydłowiec (inter alia Museum of Folk Instruments, Piekiełko Niekłańskie or Niekłań Hell) and Radom (inert alia Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Elektrownia’, Jacek Malczewski Museum) link
  • In the CRP there is a traditional canteen which offers full board or just lunch after a prior reservation at 48 618 40 27 ext. 55, 56, 19
  • Accommodation at the Sculptor’s House and full or half board can be booked at 48 618 40 27 ext. 55 or 56.

* Mariusz Knorowski, Wstęp, Orońskie ścieżki. Przewodnik., Orońsko 2010,p.6


Guided tours

Planning a visit to Orońsko, it is worth using the services of a guide. Experienced educators introduce visitors to the unique climate of the place which has been an oasis of artistic life for over two centuries. The  guided tour is available for anybody who would like to learn about  the history of the 19th century palace and park complex and explore the current exhibitions.

Time: from 60 to 120 mins (depending on the selected trail of visit)

Price: 30 PLN / hour – guide

+ ticket to all galleries – 5 PLN (concessions) / 7 PLN (adults)

Bookings: tel. 48 618 40 27 ext.19 or 18, or mail:

To obtain additional information, call the Education Department 48 618 40 27 ext.19 or 18, Monday – Friday from 7:30 to 15:30.

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