Contemporary Sculpture Garden

The Orońsko park was the first exhibition salon of the budding institution. The outdoor sculpture exhibitions were held regularly, once or twice a year. The works produced during the first open-air workshops, which for some reasons were not sold or taken by their owners, were placed in the park nooks without any prospective plans, in fact wherever it suited anybody. In the days of the great restoration of the manorial complex, in the 80s, a time came for the restoration of the green area. All the sculptures, scattered over the umpteen hectares had to be removed so that they would not be damaged. In 1984 they were accumulated on a vast meadow near the route no 7, making The Exhibition of Post-Workshop Works from the Years 1965–1983, which was arranged by two sculptors: Adam Myjak and Antoni Janusz Pastwa. A considerable part of the presented works had been created by foreign artists, invited to workshops as part of cultural exchange, especially between the Eastern block countries. The exhibition survived for 10 years, undergoing some changes in the meantime – new sculptures were added, and the old ones were gradually returned to the reclaimed parts of the park. In 1994, new arrangement concept was presented by Grzegorz Kowalski. His idea was based on the maximum of representative nature of the Orońsko sculpture garden. Works of low artistic value, or impermanent ones were removed, and for the selected sculptures a unified exhibition and identification systems were elaborated, and particular exposition sites chosen. Due to these operations, we were able to show works of Polish and foreign artists, mainly those from Western Europe, but also from other continents. Next to the so far dominant stone sculpture, new objects appeared, made of bronze, steel, cast iron, wood and ceramics. Classical sculpture forms were supplanted with modern installation or examples of land art. Then, the park collection consisted of 76 works. In the following years the sculpture garden was successively growing. At present, when the number of works passed a hundred, a need appeared for elaborating a new script of the outdoor exhibition.

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