Museum of Contemporary Sculpture

Jacek Jagielski


Works from the years 1984–2017


The exhibition of works made by Jacek Jagielski – the artist connected with Poznań circles – that the Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Elektrownia’ in Radom and the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko are going to present in early February 2017 is another step along the road of artistic cooperation between the two institutions. The project, implemented under a joint title, will encompass two parallel displays of the artist’s work, in Radom and in Orońsko. The exhibition will have a retrospective character and it will include works made from 1984 to 2016; from the oldest works created just after studies to the latest ones, which will have their premiere in the exhibition. In total there are over 20 objects and spatial projects, of which three that require separate space will be shown at the ‘Elektrownia’ in Radom.

Jagielski is going to present intriguing, hybrid objects with a condensed, distinct form and perfectly balanced composition. These constructions are difficult to define: seemingly unreal situations, impractical, non-existent in real life and at the same time obvious, speaking with familiar categories, loaded with cultural and personal codes. They tell about man, although they are without man – the artist does not show the human figure at all; he only shows objects which are a form for the human body or which the man uses. Jagielski will present object compiled of traditional materials such as ceramics, stone, metal, wood, with ready-made elements – fragments of furniture, mirrors, bird’s feathers, red carpet, or a walking stick. Constructed according to the rule of special juxtapositions and subtle transformations, contrasts and tensions between materials, using simple laws of physics, the artist’s works prove our senses wrong, they allow us to yield to the illusion that gravity does not exist. They last in suspension, tension or are delicately balancing. Titles are their major element. They point to the directions of diverse interpretations, open up whole sequences of metaphorical associations and evoke intellectual reflections.

Jacek Jagielski’s objects are something between abstraction and reality, something between the comprehensible and only felt. Eulalia Domanowska, Director of the CRP in Orońsko wrote that “The form of their construction brings to mind a variety of inspirations with modernist art: their understated form is associated with minimal art, the use of ready-mades with Dadaism, the poetic connotations with surrealism, and movement with mobile sculpture”.

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