Marek Rogulus Rogulski MU(e)SEUM Two Arrows of Time

Orangery Gallery

Marek Rogulus Rogulski


Two Arrows of Time

Opening, Saturday, 4 February 2017 , at 14:30

At the Orangery Gallery

curator: Dorota Grubba-Thiede

coordinator: Jarosław Pajek



is an exhibition of an outstanding, interdisciplinary, progressive artist, theoretician, curator of problem-centred exhibitions, launched in his original, fringe galleries Spichrz7 and Spiż7 in Gdańsk and in open institutions of culture[1]. Marek Rogulski is a ”Scout’, vigilantly situating himself in the indefinite areas of the space-time of cultures[2]. With the anagram title MU(e)SEUM – Two Arrows of Time, Rogulski refers to the unique character of the transparent orangery pavilion of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, which also performs the function of museum; walking around, along the axes of its indistinguishable wings, at the same time marking out the transfer ‘rite of passage’, because the new multimedia (and genetically sculptural) installation ‘sanctified’ by the authority of the exhibition centre important in the international art-world, will be moved to the Institute of the Cybernetics of Art in Gdańsk Osowa which Marek Regulski is initiating now. In both buildings Rogulus perceives analogies to Światowid (Svetovid – Slavic deity whose heads are directed onto the four sides of the world). The dynamics of the projects, active in the world, resonates with the creators of ARCHIGRAM, while the strongly present figure of Rogulski, recognized in the international art world as an artist-shaman, reminds of the charisma of Stelarc or, earlier, Jean Tinguely.  The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by Rogulus’ instrumental and performative guided tour, and the whole event is a stage in his artistic and research activities titled The Engram and Dissipative Structure in which he particularly emphasizes the idea of an exhibition relying on the coincidence of creating ‘a sculpture’ with the process of creation of real MUESSEUM in Gdańsk. What happens here is the phenomenon of creating reality with an act of the observer’s focus referring to the state of probability known from quantum physics (so-called Schoedinger’s cat), and the paradoxical character of the statements finds its culmination in the juxtaposition of false-true pairs of statements: I am God/ I am a Liar[3].In Marek Rogulski’s previous original project titled Between Genes and Memes – the Technology of Thinking many eminent artists took part, inter alia Ben Patterson (co-founder of the legendary FLUXUS group, author of intermedia performances), Boris Nieslony (performer and theoretician), Hilla Steinert, Antoni Karwowski, Park Kyeong Hwa, Marek Zygmunt, Honorata Martin and other artists catalyzing the osmosis of empathetic area of postmodernity.  The artist postulated in it the creation of maps of the development of awareness, maps of growth to …, moving from the egocentric level to ethnocentric and world-centric one[4]. Marek Rogulski asserts that for art to pave new ways in thinking and in perception, it requires autonomization from the bonds of the social order, for the sake of the development of advanced from of consciousness, which the time of global crisis may facilitate.

MU(e)SEUM – Two Arrows of Time means fascinating, mutual polarizations – in the theoretical, structural and spatial layers – of physical and spiritual nature between the professional institution such as the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko and  the ‘maverick’ Institute of Cybernatics of Art in Gdańsk Osowa, which is dynamizing for both parties and which can be interpreted as ‘revival’ or ‘boost’.


Dr Dorota Grubba-Thiede
(Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk) 2017


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[3] Describing MU(e)SEUM – Two Arrows of Time,  Marek Rogulski writes: “The states of ‘being’ and ‘non-being’ are an intellectual challenge connected with studying physical phenomena at a subatomic level – of wave and corpuscular nature. The key  notion originating from this sphere of science is ‘probability’. The role of the observer is highlighted; it is the act of focusing the attention by an external observer that makes one of the variants possible”.

[4] Marek Rogulski, Wszechświat nie jest miejscem spokojnej kontemplacji postmodernizmu, in: Rozwój – między genami a memami – technologia myślenia, Galeria Spiż7, eds. Anna Burkiewicz, Antoni Karwowski, Marek Rogulski, Fundacja Tysiąc Najjaśniejszych Słońc, Gdańsk, 2013 p.81-92. Concert during the opening: Zdzisław Piernik, Oleg Dziewanowski, Rogulus, Tomasz Szwelnik, Irek Wojtczak.

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