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2017 Young Triennale

Studio visits: Kraków – Katowice – Wrocław – Poznań – Szczecin, 29th Oct — 05th Dec 2016

Open call: till 31th Dec 2016

The 8th edition of Young Triennale organised by The Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko takes place in Autumn 2017. Since its early beginning it focused on a presentation of the most interesting tendencies in visual arts represented by the youngest generation. According to its objectives, the precursory initiative, was supposed to distinguish itself amongst other events of this kind by its open direction. Throughout the recent years there were various methods of selection of participants, yet to a big extent the selected artists were supposed to come out as the most interesting ones to present their work, by the experienced curators and art critics. We would like to relate to a survey show method elaborated from the beginning, but instead of presenting a classical exhibition we propose creating a space for discursive exchange.

In order to make an appointment please enroll to

Please let us know which date is preferred by you:

29–30.11. Kraków

01.12. Katowice

02.12. Wrocław

03–04.12. Poznań

05.12. Szczecin

Apart from the series of meetings at chosen locations we also announce an OPEN CALL aiming to reach out a large number of artists interested in taking part in 2017 Young Triennale.

We accept applications including portfolios (PDF, not larger than 10 MB) together with bio and a short description of your interest and artistic statement (text up to 1500 characters) till 31th Dec 2016 at We welcome all the individual artists as well as collectives. There is no classical “under 35” age restriction.

Young Triennale 2017

Curators: Aurelia Nowak, Romuald Demidenko, Tomek Pawłowski

Organiser: Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku

Partners: Interdyscyplinarne Studia Doktoranckie UAP (Poznań), Akademia Sztuki w Szczecinie, Zona Sztuki Aktualnej (Szczecin), Henryk (Kraków), Galeria Szara (Katowice), Wykwit and Warstwy (Wrocław), BWA Wrocław, Bunkier Sztuki (Kraków)

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