All-Poland Platform of Academic Cooperation (OPWA)

Orangery Gallery

All-Poland Platform of Academic Cooperation (OPWA)

2nd Edition

Post-workshop exhibition, Orońsko 2016

Exhibition: park in Orońsko, “Orangery” Gallery, “Chapel” Gallery

26.11.2016 - 15.01.2017


Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź

Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń


In 2015 the Centre of Polish Sculpture (CRP) in Orońsko initiated an artistic and educational project aimed at cooperation between art academies. It assumed interdisciplinary meetings – of students, graduates and doctorate students from Faculties of Sculpture and other faculties of Polish public academies – held with the participation of theoreticians, art critics, lecturers and artists. These encounters aim at the exchange of experiences, artistic and educational ideas, as well as they enable participants to use the vast potential of CRP in terms of education and production of artworks. Twice a year, artists practicing various domains of art and artistic media have a chance to work on their own projects in the Orońsko studios. They can enter into a dialogue with their colleagues from other centres. They are supervised by their professors, and provided with the technical assistance of the CRP staff.

In 2016 two meetings have taken place within the framework of OPWA. The second edition of the project was attended by students from the Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź, the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń.

The motto of the spring workshop was: The space of place – site-specific workshop activities.  The participants included students of the Faculty of Visual Arts, Faculty of Textile Art and Fashion Design, Faculty of Sculpture and Interactive Actions and the Faculty of Graphics and Painting of the Academy of Art in Łódź. The participants from Wrocław consisted of students from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass as well as Inter-faculty Doctoral Studies. Two theoreticians from the Łódź University, Paweł Grabarczyk and Maciej Ożóg, were invited to deliver lectures on interactive art and game theory. Other invited guests were academy lecturers Zbigniew Makarewicz and Ludwika Ogorzelec. Their presentations aroused a discussion on the condition and boundaries of contemporary art.

The starting point for the autumn meeting was Nature as a common place. Theoreticians of art, Katarzyna Kasia and Małgorzata Jankowska were invited to lead a discussion with the participation of students from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, studying at the Departments of Sculpture, Artistic Education, Art Criticism as well as the Department of Art of Media and Visual Education. The other partner academy – the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw was represented by students from the Faculty of Sculpture and Faculty of Painting.

During the workshops the participants of the 2nd edition of OPWA created works which might never have had a chance to be produced in the course of classes at their academies. In their sculptures, objects and installations the young artists used a wide range of material options, including natural materials found in Orońsko park (ground, sticks, leaves, wood), typical sculptural materials like stone, wood, steel, plaster; soft materials: organza, soft toys, tights, upholstery foam, fabrics as well as foil, resin, Styrofoam, hay and many others. Other works created during the workshop include works of performative and ephemeral character as well as video projections.

This exhibition is the outcome of both encounters. All the works made during the 2nd edition of OPWA will be presented at the Orangery Gallery, Chapel Gallery and in Orońsko park.


OPWA 2nd Edition

The Space of Place – Site-specific Workshop Activities

Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź

Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław

5–11 May 2016

Nature as a Common Place

Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun

Academy of Fine Arts  in Warsaw

10–21 October 2016

Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź

Participants: Adrianna Gołębiewska, Ewelina Jastrzębska, Mikołaj Klejbach, Maria Krasnodębska, Zuzanna Morawska, Katarzyna Niewiadomska, Ola Paluszkiewicz, Michalina Pawlak, Irena Zieniewicz, Agata Zboromirska

Mentors: Dr Tomasz Matuszak, Michał Matysiak

Presenters: Dr Paweł Grabarczyk, Dr Maciej Ożóg

Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń

Participants: Magdalena Ablewicz, Maria Concejo Iwankowicz, Paulina Helbik, Patrycja Korytkowska, Kalina Nowak, Bartłomiej Schmidt, Adrianna Sztandarska, Anna Świąć, Aleksandra Wantuch, Artur Wojta

Mentors: Dr Katarzyna Adaszewska, Dr Krzysztof Mazur

Presenter: Dr Małgorzata Jankowska

Academy of Fine Arts  in Warsaw

Participants: Stanisław Bałdyga, Agnieszka Bielak, Jan Giełda (Yan Helda), Katarzyna Anna Kowal, Natan Kryszk, Gustaw Maj, Sara Piekara, Jozef Pilat, Szaweł Płóciennik, Anna Tosiek

Mentors: Dr hab. Maciej Aleksandrowicz, Dr Paula Quinon

Presenter: Dr Katarzyna Kasia

Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław

Participants: Anna Drewniak, Rolad Grabkowski, Agata Marcinkowska, Monika Męczekalska, Małgorzata Mitka, Jagoda Nowak, Ignacy Oboz, Zbigniew Podgórski, Marek Ruszkiewicz, Ala Savashevich

Mentors: Dr Magda Grzybowska, Tomasz Niedziółka, Prof Aleksander Marek Zyśko

Presenters: Prof Zbigniew Makarewicz, Prof Ludwika Ogorzelec


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